Then there is the Dutch apple, Belle de Boskoop. This tart apple has a wonderful complex flavor to it and its dense flesh make it superb for baking.

​And again......... there is a zillion of them :)

Also new this weekend are Winesap, Quebec Belle and Yellow Belleflower.

Im not exagerating when i say there are plenty of these to go around folks. I went out and picked 20 boxes of them and barely made a dent in them.

                                                                                                                                                              weekend  11      Oct  28,29

Hi apple fans, well it had to happen. This weekend will be the last weekend for u pick 2017. Between all the rain coming down, the colder weather moving in, the Black Bear moving into the west block at night......... its just too difficult to remain open.

There are still plenty of the good cooking apples, Boskoop, Northern Spy and Calville to be picked as well as Braeburns from last week.

In addition there is one smallish tree of Granny Smith that is open this weekend. I bet not many of you have ever tasted a ripe Granny Smith.... crunchy and juicy..... a wonderful apple!

Here is a pic of Tash holding as many as she could last year. 

It was a light set and they were huge. This year is a normal

​set and much more to chose from.

                                                                                                                                                          weekend  10      Oct 21,22

Hello everyone, Here we are the tenth week of the season already! This will be the last weekend of plentiful new varieties being offered. Weekends after this will pretty much consist of cleaning off varieties that are already listed.

The big new variety this week is Braeburn. Many of you are probably already familiar with it but have you ever had a tree ripe one???

Not one of those starchy things the grocery store sells..........

​mmmmmm yummy!!! 

​We also still have lots of the very popular eating apple, Liberty.

This super crunchy mcintosh cross has a great sweet tart flavor that's hard to beat!

As though thats not enough, there are still quite a few Melrose left on the trees from last week. And of course there are still plenty of Jonagolds to go around.

Come on out and get your pie on......

open weekends 10-5

                                                                                                                                                    weekend   9     Oct  14,15

Hi apple fans, we are still big into the cooking apples this weekend. We have the addition of Calville Blanc d Hiver to the the already full pallet of Northern Spy, Melrose and Boskoop. 

The Calville is a French heirloom dating back to the 1600s and was always very popular in the kitchens of the best establishments. 

And there are still plenty of Liberty to go around as well as our very popular cooking apples: Boskoop, Northern Spy and Calville Blanc.

Come join us and have some farm fun!

And saving the very best McIntosh for last, this weekend we have the Winter Mac. A very crisp Mac that keeps well with all the flavor you expect in a Mac.

​Hi everyone,                                                                                                                                               weekend  8   Oct 7,8

Are you all in the mood for apple pies, crisps, tarts, cobblars and applesauce?   I hope so because this is the weekend for really great cooking apples! 

First up is the Northern Spy. This American Heritage apple is a cross of McIntosh but much denser and larger. Considered a first class variety for baking on the east coast.                                                                                                                                     

​And the last Asian Pear of the season is up for grabs this weekend, the Olympic.