The Jonagolds are are ready. This is a variety that is color picked over a period of about 2 weeks so look for the ripe ones!  They are yummy!

Also up this weekend are the Melrose, Pinova, King and Raven.  Melrose is an excellent apple for cooking or eating and is well known for its keeping quality even just at cool air temps like in a garage. This is a good year for them folks!

Also check out some of the Zabergau Reinette. A wonderfully tart russet! (and they are huge).

And the Mishirasu Asian Pears...... speaking of huge!

​​We are open weekends 10-5.

Hi folks,                                                                                                                                           weekend  6,    Sep 23, 24

Well, last weekend was a busy one! Great apples to choose from really bring out the fans. 

New varieties to pick this week are Sweet 16, Spartan, Scarlet Gala (all 3 pictured) as well as Cox Orange Pippin and Rubinette.

Also this weekend are the Ergemont Russet, Twenty Oz  and Red Hook McIntosh.

Hello apple fans,                                                                                                                                  weekend  5      Sep  16,17

Wow, what a big weekend last week was! 14 new varieties. I hope a lot of you had a chance to try something new. The big news this weekend are those lovely Cortlands. They are ready and there are lots of them!

​There are also lots of apples and pears from the previous week to choose from including a whole lot of Cortlands. These make a really good cooking apple so come stock up, the price gets cheaper the more you get!

Open 10 - 5, Sat, Sun.

In addition we have Pears this weekend!

​Kosui and Shinseiki Asian Pears

And last but not least are our summer Pears.... Orcas and Jackie's Delight (pictured).

Hello apple fans,                                                                                                                        weekend  7    Aug 30, Oct 1

Here we are, the last weekend of August and leaving the month with a real bang! We have lots of new varieties to choose from this weekend as well as plenty of apples still on the trees from last week.

New this week is Liberty, a really, really crunchy

McIntosh cross that is super for eating out of hand.

P.S. Just picked our biggest Mishirasu pear ever here at Jones Creek Farms, 2.96 lbs...... like wow!!!!

And the boys say they are really juicy and sweet!!!


Also for new apples this weekend we have the
Bramley's Seedling known by many as the the
tartest apple in the world...... pucker up baby!
This is the second most popular apple in England. Renowned for its culinary uses and, oh boy, in Ireland its quite popular as a varietal hard cider.