Day 6 

A   safety concern   for all who come to the farm this year to u pick is the overabundance of the vine "European Bittersweet". All parts of this vine are poisonous when ingested. It has berries that may appear very tempting to eat.  It is safe to touch and doesn't seem to be a concern to pets. Children should be the main concern here.

For anyone unfamiliar with this vine I have a page devoted to it with pictures taken in my orchard. Please go to Nightshade in navigation bar above.

Day 5

Hi farm fans. Just a reminder to bring your berry picking containers. The wild Blackberries are in full production all around the farm and you are welcome to them for no charge!

Day 3                                                                                                                               weekend 1   Aug 19,20

Hi all, first apples are ripe and ready to pick. Gravenstein and Rosy Glow are the two major apples of the weekend.

Rosy Glow is a sweet apple and it has set heavy this year, as it has every year.

Gravenstein has set light so they wont be around long folks. This is the variety made famous when it arrived and was heavily planted in the northern California area then went on to be commercially grown right here in the coastal areas of Washington and Oregon.

There are still lots of the Japanese Plum, Shiro, on the trees also so plan on trying some of those while your here.

And don't forget your berry containers. There are ripe Blackberries everywhere!​

Day 4                                                                                                                    weekend 2     Aug 26,27

Thanks to everyone who came out and made opening weekend a big hit! Everyone went home with full bags and happy faces.

Seems there was special joy had that the peach row was open for picking. With the irregularity of seasons and fruit sets i never know when the opportunities for u pick peaches will come along but last weekend was a nice treat. We are in between varieties this weekend so no peaches but lets keep our fingers crossed for getting at those Starfire peaches next weekend.

This weekends new apple varieties for the u pick are Wynoochi and Early Cortland (pictured). These are in addition to the still plentiful Gravenstein and Rosy Glow.

Come on out and join us for some farm fun!

Day 2

We are all crossing our digits and hoping that August 19th will be opening weekend.

Apples and Pears are shaping up to be around 2 to 3 weeks later this year than last year. Our long wet spring weather is to account for all this , of course. Its a good thing we've had all the heat we have this summer. It has really pushed the ripening back forward.

Day 1

Hi, and welcome to the brand new Jones Creek Farms, sort of blog. Beings as I am new to writing things like this it will probably turn out pretty goofy at least at first.

Sorry to all you loyal Facebook followers out there. I had to delete my FB account. This site will hopefully satisfy the needs that FB was always meant to. I will only bash Facebook once and then say no more about it so here it is: After many years of trying to get FB to fit my needs i conceded that it was just never going to work. FB has an ongoing mission of changing their format and regulations in order, it seems, just to micro manage business owners. This is probably an effort to get at least small business owners such as myself to use FB as their web site instead of having a separate one of their own.

My primary mission, on this site, will be to keep you informed of what is ripe and ready each week at Jones Creek Farms. Ill try and put up pictures of the fruit when i can also.

If you want to know more than just whats ripe this week, general info about the farm, etc, please check out our web site skagitvalleyfruit.com.


vWeekend 4,   Sep 9,10

Big weekend coming up folks! Lots of new varieties to tantalize your taste buds. 14 to be exact! Amongst these are some sweeter ones like Nyblat, Goldcrunch and Tsugaru. The rest are on rich, tarter flavor side that Jones Creek Farms specializes in. These include close Mac types, Novamac, Jonamac and Morespur Mac. Then there’s Rambo, Aroma, Stearns, Dayton and the ever popular Pink Pearl. For the Cox Orange Pippin fans we have 2 crosses of Cox this weekend that are really great, the Ellison's Orange and the Alkmene.

Come on out and try some great apples you wont find anywhere else.

Open 10 - 5, Sat and Sun


Day 7​                                                                                                                                          weekend 3   Sep 2,3  

Alright, weekend 3 and we have 2 dandy apple varieties ready this week. The Akane and Mollie's Delicious. Akane is a beautiful little apple that just lights up your mouth! Best described as Sprightly :)  Mollie's Delicious is a large sweeter apple, wonderfully crunchy. I always have to put the disclaimer in here that this variety has no lineage to the Delicious strains that Eastern Washington has so thoughtfully ruined for us.   

Still lots of apples from the previous weeks too so come on out!

Les          skagitvalleyfruit.com